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Dive in to Marine Science

A New Text from the Marine Biology Experts

Adapted from the highly successful and respected Marine Biology text by Peter Castro, Ph.D., and Michael Huber, Ph.D., Marine Science broadens its coverage with three new oceanography chapters to help students better understand the ocean’s physical aspects.

Featuring a new design and learning system, Marine Science ©2016 also incorporates a variety of study aids to help students better understand oceanic complexities, and comes complete with updated features, data analysis labs, a new lab manual, and a comprehensive digital package.

Marine Science offers:

  • Content from well-known marine biology experts.
  • Connect® featuring an adaptive SmartBook® that ensures that students get the most out of each minute spent studying.
  • Correlations for the text and auto-graded tests correlated to the Ocean Literacy Standards.
  • Inquiry Activities that allow students to expand upon what they've studied.
  • A NEW Marine Science Lab Manual with 34 labs that do not require ocean access.
  • A robust Teacher's Manual with a detailed pacing guide, chapter summaries, Key Question and Vocabulary Activities, and Chapter Projects.
  • Detailed PowerPoint® presentations for each chapter to aid in classroom instruction.
  • A downloadable eBook available through ConnectED.
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