November 2, 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
An INXPO Virtual Event

Join your colleagues across the country to hear how they are closing the gap and supporting underprepared students. We will also hear from Erin White, STEMconnector on the “State of STEM: Expanding Opportunity for All Students." Come learn new approaches and implementation best practices to support your students.

Math speakers include:

10:00 am ET - Erin White, STEMconnect - State of Stem: Expanding Opportunity for all Students
11:00 am ET - Sara Clark and Katy Williams, Oregon State University - Active and Doubly Adaptive College Algebra
12:00 pm ET - Jessica Huffman, Ivy Tech Community College - Rethinking STEM Courses through ALEKS
1:00 pm ET - Alana McAnally, University of Central Oklahoma - A Look at Co-Requisite College Algebra Using ALEKS
2:00 pm ET - Mary Merchant, Cedar Valley College - Empowerment through ALEKS
3:00 pm ET - Lance Williams, Youngstown State University - ALEKS with a "K": Designing a Co-requisite Model of Instruction through an Adaptive Learning Platform
4:00 pm ET - Doug Williams, Arizona State University - Integrating Developmental Math into College Algebra Supports an Additional 670 Students

Join us for the sessions that work for your schedule!

Chemistry speakers include:
 10:00 am ET - Erin White, STEMconnect - State of Stem: Expanding Opportunity for all Students
11:00 am ET - Dr. Catherine Uvarov, Fresno City College - Do your Homework! Trials and Tribulations in Course Design
11:00 am ET - Dr. Jessica Fautch, York College of Pennsylvania - Supporting Students in STEM: Using Adaptive Learning Technology in General Chemistry
12:00 pm ET - Dr. Melanie Veige, University of Florida - Engaging students with ALEKS to Create Success in Introductory and General Chemistry
1:00 pm ET - Dr. Doug Mulford, Emory University - Meeting students where they are... and getting them where they need to be: The use of ALEKS at Emory to help all student succeed. 
2:00 pm ET - Dr. Kristi Mock, University of Toledo - The Many Faces of ALEKS in General Chemistry: Placement and Content Mastery
3:00 pm ET - Dr. Tony St. John, ALEKS Implementation Manager - Integrating ALEKS into Community College Curriculum: Results Related to Student Participation and Mastery
4:00 pm ET - Dr. Dan Collins, Texas A&M University - Closing the Gap: Supporting Underprepared Students with ALEKS

***Dr. Christopher Grayce, Senior Director ALEKS Product Development - Introduction to ALEKS Chemisty (This will be pre-recorded so intructors can watch at any time during or after the INXPO is finished.)

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