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Free Webinar | Wednesday, May 15 | 4:00pm EDT

Loved The Great Kindness Challenge? Looking for additional ways to engage your students? Learn how you can empower your students to put their compassion into action and change the world for good!

Join us on May 15th at 4 PM EST for a webinar with the global nonprofit organization, Kids for Peace, home to The Great Kindness Challenge.
 Following the success of The Great Kindness Challenge, we invite you to learn how you can extend the joy and deepen the roots of kindness through the Peace Pledge Program. This FREE, ADAPTABLE, year-long program empowers students of all ages to put the words of the Peace Pledge into action in ways that are personally meaningful and culturally relevant.

Throughout the webinar we will showcase how this student-driven, inclusive, action-based, and joyful curriculum can help your students create peace within themselves and in turn, make a powerful impact on their school, community and world. We will also explore the benefits of the program in the context of social emotional learning and how it naturally integrates SEL core competencies. As a takeaway, you’ll gather insights on how you can introduce the Peace Pledge program to your classroom, school or club ­– keeping it simple, fun and most of all, meaningful! 

Kids for Peace - Home to The Great Kindness Challenge

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Jill McManigal

Jill McManigal is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Kids for Peace, home to The Great Kindness Challenge. She is a former elementary school teacher, character education specialist, and children's playwright. Jill is the proud mother of two amazing teenagers and an eternal optimist who lives to make our world more loving, kind, and peaceful for all.

Meg Jansen

Meg Jansen is the Peace Pledge Program Director for Kids for Peace, providing guidance to chapters around the world and facilitating global connections between them. She is also the co-leader at Hope Elementary – one of the three founding Great Kindness Challenge Schools. Meg is blessed to be called “Mom” by two big-hearted boys who are active members of her Kids for Peace chapter.

Megan Kim

Megan Kim co-leads the Kids for Peace Chapter at Jefferson Elementary – The Great Kindness Challenge founding school. She is also a speech & language pathologist in a neighboring school district and proud mom to three Kids for Peace kids. After campaigning for and initiating a chapter at her daughter’s middle school, she joined Rae Merritt in leading an after school chapter at Jefferson Elementary.

Rae Merritt

Rae Merritt co-leads the Kids for Peace Chapter at Jefferson Elementary. She is a mother to two wonderful children, an avid community volunteer and a big-hearted, highly esteemed, second grade teacher. With her after school Kids for Peace chapter, she supports students as they embrace The Peace Pledge program while organizing meaningful hands-on service projects for their school, community and world.