Kerin Marketing
Marketing (13e)

Most rigorous, business-oriented title on the market (in 10+ languages!), with additional emphases on financial aspects, marketing metrics, and decision-making.
Grewal Marketing
New! January 2017 Marketing (6e)

Solid, comprehensive value-focused title, with great momentum amongst digital-savvy instructors.
Essentials of Marketing

Essentials of Marketing (15e)

Marketing strategy planning approach centered around the author-pioneered Four Ps framework and a "how-to-do-it" managerial skills orientation.
Grewal M: Marketing
M: Marketing (5e)

Value-focused, more visual version of Grewal Marketing, and still just as deeply grounded in research.

Kerin Marketing: the Core
New! January 2017 Marketing: The Core (7e)

Eighteen-chapter version, balanced coverage of traditional and contemporary theory with emphases on marketing metrics and decision making.
Hunt Marketing
New! February 2017 Marketing (2e)

Focus on career, personal brand development, and marketing’s relevance across disciplines. Author-written digital and text narratives weave topics like global influences, ethics, sustainability, and data analytics throughout.

Principles of Marketing Digital Library

All titles are available with McGraw-Hill Connect®. Connect® includes SmartBook®, AACSB-tagged quiz and test banks, and an array of Application Exercises that challenge students to apply marketing concepts to real-life product, company, and case scenarios.

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