American Democracy Now (4e)
Brigid Harrison

Separated into a “then, now, next” framework, this text provides contemporary examples and historical context that challenge students to think critically about how the American Democracy will continue to evolve.
We the People (11e)
Thomas Patterson

This brief program provides analytical tools that sharpen and deepen students’ understanding of American politics and supports them in learning how, not what, to think about politics.
AM GOV 2015-2016
Joseph Losco

Helps students develop a deep understanding of their role in the American democracy.
Government Matters: American Democracy in Context (1e)
John Maltese

This text not only inspires students to ask “Why are we the way we are?” but it gives them the knowledge and context they need to answer “Why does it matter?”

Practice: Government

McGraw-Hill Education’s newest learning tool, brings concepts and topics taught in the classroom to life by allowing students to virtually experience life on Capitol Hill.

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