Our New Normal in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 Externalities: Economics and You
Speaker: Sean Flynn, Scripps College, author of McConnell/Brue/Flynn Economics

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented change to our country, the economy, and higher education, but is it all bad? Join Sean Flynn (McConnell/Brue/Flynn: Economics author) for a discussion on the current economic climate and positive externalities. You will walk away with tools to engage your students and bring economics to life this summer and fall.

Using COVID-19 Examples in Business Analytics—Teaching in the New Normal
Speaker: Janet Fraser, West Virginia University, Professor and Digital Faculty Consultant

This session will demonstrate the use of COVID-19 Business Analytics examples for use in class by Professor and Digital Faculty Consultant Janet Fraser West Virginia University.

Human Resource Management & COVID-19: Balancing Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Survival
Speaker: Patrick M. Wright, University of South Carolina, and John R. Hollenbeck, Michigan State University, authors of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 9e & Human Resource Management, 12e

The COVID-19 crisis has created multiple paradoxes that firms have to manage: how to balance the safety of their employees with the employees’ economic security or how to balance the need for short-term survival with the desire for long-term sustainability. This 45-minute session will discuss how organizations have sought to face these dilemmas and show how students can be led to consider the tradeoffs in making organizational decisions affecting their employees.

How This Pandemic Has Disrupted Businesses & Impacted Accounting Practice
Speaker: Wayne B. Thomas, Interim Dean of The John T. Steed School of Accounting - University of Oklahoma, co-author of Spiceland/Nelson/Thomas: Intermediate Accounting, 10e, and Spiceland/Thomas: Financial Accounting

Please join author-educator Wayne Thomas to discuss how this global pandemic has disrupted business and will impact accounting practices moving forward. Professor Thomas will break down the dramatic implications COVID-19 could have on financial statements, including the impact of goodwill impairments, expected credit losses, restructuring of operations, the CARES Act, and more. He will also share teaching best practices to drive relevancy with your students in such an unprecedented time.

Marketing: Flipping The Online Classroom
Speaker: Joe Cannon, Colorado State University, author of Essentials of Marketing

In these unprecedented times, all of us are being challenged in new ways. How can you move a previously seated, highly engaging, interactive, active classroom to a fully online environment? Lean in as professor, educator, author and “flipping the marketing class” guru shares some of his ideas, tips, and best practices to do just that! Q&A and idea sharing will follow.

The Power of Positivity through a Pandemic
Speaker:  LaShana Stokes, author of Connect Master Student Success

Over the last several weeks, the future of online education has been rewritten. Our communication and modes of teaching have shifted. It is no longer a question of if courses will go online, but how and for how long. Join in our webinar to learn the power of positivity and community. Be prepared to share your best practices, testimonials, and humorous stories on how you are using positivity in your own life and the lives of students taking your online courses.

Personal Cyber Security during COVID-19
Speaker: Casey Wilhelm and Ted Tedmon, North Idaho College, authors of Connect Master Computer Information Technology

The overall goal of this 45-minute webinar session is to discuss the risk of cybersecurity during the COVID-19 crisis. The session will dive into detail on computer security, social media and your digital identity, discussion on passwords, how to recognize and guard against pharming and phishing, and digital literacy. The ethical implications of computing, such as security, privacy, identity theft, and the social implication of information sharing will also provide great context of current events. Q&A will follow the session.

Incorporating Active Learning within an Online Management Class
Speaker: Angelo Kinicki, Arizona State University/Kent State University, author of Management: A Practical Introduction, 9e & Organizational Behavior: A Practical, Problem Solving Approach, 3e and Patrick Soleymani, George Mason University

The overall goal of this 45-minute webinar session is to discuss and demonstrate how active learning can be designed into an online class. We begin by discussing the value of using active learning with today’s Gen Z students and then provide a short summary of active learning techniques. We then demonstrate the application of a few of these techniques and share a lesson plan for teaching motivation online. Q&A will follow the session.

Operations Management and Supply Chain Management: In The New Normal of COVID-19
Speaker: Robert Jacobs, Professor Emeritus of Operations and Decision Technologies at Indiana University, author of Operations and Supply Chain Management

This session will delve into the effects of COVID-19 related to OSCM issues in business by Robert Jacobs, author of Operations and Supply Chain Management, 16e, and the Core, 5e, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Teaching Online in an Uncertain Time
Speaker: Pete Cardon, University of Southern California, author of Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World

In this webinar, we'll discuss several basic strategies to create engaging online classes. We'll focus on engaging teaching and communication strategies that are well-suited for the online space. Also, we'll dive into class content strategies that match the unique era we are in.

Social Networking during a Time of Social Distancing
Speaker: Jerry Katz, St. Louis University, author of Entrepreneurial Small Business

Even at a time when much of the economy is locked down or limited, the opportunities for small businesses to connect with customers, one another and the larger community remain very much alive. This session will give examples and ideas for how entrepreneurial small businesses can reach out and help out during the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural disasters.


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