Integrated Excel®

A live, seamless experience

The power of Microsoft Excel meets the power of McGraw Hill Connect® in our all-new integration of Excel in Connect.

McGraw Hill has a new partnership with Microsoft Excel! Integrated Excel

The power of Microsoft Excel meets the power of McGraw Hill Connect in our all-new integration of Excel in Connect. In this new assignment type, Excel opens seamlessly inside Connect with no need to upload or download any additional files or software. Instructors choose their preferred auto-graded solution with the option for either grading for formula accuracy or the solution value.

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Connect courses available with Integrated Excel content for Fall 2021:


  • Blocher: Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis, 9e © 2022
  • Brewer: Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 9e © 2022
  • Edmonds: Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts, 11e © 2022
  • Phillips: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 7e © 2022
  • Garrison: Managerial Accounting, 17e © 2021
  • Spiceland: Financial Accounting, 6e © 2022*
  • Wild: Financial Accounting Fundamentals, 8e © 2022
  • Wild: Financial and Managerial Accounting, 9e © 2022
  • Wild: Fundamental Accounting Principles, 25e © 2021
  • Wild: Managerial Accounting, 8e © 2022


  • Bodie: Essentials of Investments, 12e © 2022
  • Ross: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 13e © 2022
  • Ross: Corporate Finance, 13e © 2022*

Business Statistics

  • Doane: Applied Statistics in Business and Economics, 7e © 2022
  • Doane: Essential Statistics in Business & Economics, 3e © 2020
  • Jaggia: Business Statistics: Communicating with Numbers, 4e © 2022
  • Jaggia: Essentials of Business Statistics, 2e © 2020
  • Lind: Basic Statistics in Business and Economics, 10e © 2022
  • Lind: Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics, 18e © 2021
  • Bowerman: Business Statistics & Analytics in Practice, 9e © 2019
*indicates a fall publication with use available in Spring 2022