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Our goal is to empower students to be healthy. We deliver health resources and solutions designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. These resources focus on how life in school and outside of school impacts health. Students are taught the 10 Health skills so that they understand how to improve all aspects of their health and how to achieve overall wellness.

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Elementary Health

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Health & Wellness

Grades 3-5

The Health and Wellness program provides comprehensive health content, life skills lessons, and high interest special features that address the National Health Standards to teaching health literacy. This program delivers a proven core curriculum in an accessible, easy-to-teach format that helps student learn to lead healthy lives.

  • Flexible lesson plans for a busy classroom schedule
  • Integrated reading instruction
  • Life skills lessons for achieving Health literacy
  • A variety of hands-on, minds-on, and physical activities
  • Continuous assessment opportunities

Middle School Health

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Teen Health

Grades 6-8

Teen Health is a comprehensive program that engages middle school students in an exploration of health and wellness. Students apply real-world health skills as they create individualized plans for healthy lives. This flexible program can be delivered online through ConnectED, in a traditional print format, or a combination of both.

High School Health

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Glencoe Health

Grades 9-12

Real-life application of health skills helps students apply what they learn in health class toward practicing good health behavior in the real world.