Are your students prepared for Intermediate?
Are they struggling with basics that they should know?
Are you losing time to Accounting Cycle review?
Do you need to improve Intermediate DFW Rates?

ALEKS for Accounting addresses these challenges and more! Informed by decades of scientific research, ALEKS provides an advanced adaptive learning system that ensures students obtain personalized comprehension of the accounting cycle and builds a solid foundation for learning more advanced topics.

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"ALEKS is an amazing tool for faculty who teach the first intermediate accounting course, to make sure that all their students are on the same page and can remediate anything they’ve forgotten from their first accounting principles course before moving on to the challenging intermediate accounting topics. – Out of all the resources available to help your students learn the foundations of accounting, this program is one of the best because it is uniquely tailored for each of your students towards individual mastery of the Accounting Cycle."

— Rachel Cox, CPA, Instructor of Professional Practice at Oklahoma State University – Accounting and McGraw Hill Digital Faculty Consultant

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